Ten-Speed Music/Isaac Pierce
Upcoming Shows

Plastic Jet Airline Session-June 7th 2014 @ Groove-O-Matic Studios
Seattle, Washington (links to individual songs below)
1) Leveling (WIP)
2) Your Own Kite (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VTtajZTAak)
3) Warm Bruise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaAevwOyQuo)
4) 939
5) Looking Up, Seeing Waves
6) Her
All Songs by Isaac Pierce (c.)

Live: Ten-Speed Music/Isaac Pierce @ The Ace Hotel for Jackpot! Covers Portland Sessions 9.7.2013 rec./mixed by Larry Crane

About Ten-Speed Music/Isaac Pierce
Isaac Pierce is a singer/songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. His sound has been described as spectral. His songs are a sort of melodic “modernist folk-lore…existing somewhere between pensivity & nostalgia…”(-Endless Field Studios) Performances are noted for their immediacy.

From 2006-2010 Pierce played/wrote for the Chicago band “ten-speed” with Nick Alvarez (drums) and Mike Thompson (bass). The band dissolved informally in 2010. Since, Pierce has operated out of the Northwest and primarily performs solo under his name or collaborates under the “Ten-Speed Music” moniker. Recent live collaborators include: Ben Sutter, John Enebrad (Neighbors), Paul Enebrad.

Isaac Pierce is currently working on recording an album at 2-Track Mind as well as in his shed.

Recent Noteworthy Performances: 2013 Timber! Fest, 2013 Subdued Stringband Jamboree, 2013 Ace Hotel Sessions: Jackpot! Covers Portland.

Quotes: “There is a certain Midwestern wistful howl that runs through the work of this writer, fully committed to connecting muse and craft. -Robert Sarazin Blake

“There’s so much goodness here, so much gratitude, and a blissful reservoir that remains unknown” (4.8.2012). -Fuel/Friends

Recordings: ——————————————————————————————————

Isaac Pierce. Jackpot! Covers Portland/Ace Hotel Sessions 9.7.2013. (above)

Isaac Pierce, ten-speed music. 1.22.2012 (first and last above, full recording by request via email)

ten-speed; Nick Alvarez (drums), Mike Thompson (Bass), 8.7.2009  http://tenspeed.bandcamp.com/album/ten-speed

ten-speed. Firewater Pinhole Camera. 9.14.2008, http://tenspeed.bandcamp.com/album/firewater-pinhole-camera

ten-speed: ricercare’/to seek. 4.27.2007. Nick Alvarez (drums)

“cliffs” from “ricercare’/to seek (2007) video by Nick Richards, Rule 42 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQNjHtk2gwc

Contact: tenspeedmusic@gmail.com

Interviews: —————————————————————————————————- 1.28.2012, Mezzic 8.1.2012: Back Beat Seattle
Past Shows

8.9: Alberta Street Fair, Portland
7.19: Billesville West Walla Walla WA. w. The Heligoats
7.18: The Waypost, Portland. W. The Heligoats, Jonah Luke
6.7: Plastic Jet Airline Session Seattle/WA @ Groove-O-Matic Studios w. The Crush
5.17: Project Grow Auction w. Dasha Shleyeva of BRAINSTORM
3.29: Waypost/Portland w. Snow Roller
3.23: Al’s Den/Portland, Robert Sarazin Blake Residency
1.8: Tractor Tavern/Seattle w. Locomoitves, Goodbye Heart
12.22: House Show PDX w. The Parade Schedule
10.26: House Show PDX w. Valley Maker
9.7: Ace Hotel, Jackpot Cover’s Portland Session
9.5: Al’s Den/PDX The Heligoats Residency
9.1: Mississippi Pizza/PDX
8.9-10: Bellingham/Subdued Stringband Jamboree #13 w. Robert Sarazin Blake, Jim Page….
8.2: Din’s Den/House Show PDX with Get ‘em Tiger
7.26: Timber! Outdoor Music Festival. incl. Quasi, Fruit Bats, The Helio Sequence, Lemolo….
7.14: Stables/Georgetown Art-Garden Walk
7.13: Waypost, PDX
7.12: Seattle. High Dive w. The Heligoats, Ark Life
The Heligoats and Dillon Warneck and the Dismal Tide
7.6 Phoenix, AZ. The Trunk Space w. Andrew Jemsek
7.3 Albuquerque, NM. Black Bird Buvette w. HOVERBOURD & Audio Frenzy 10:30pm
6.29: House Show, Denver, CO
6.28: Colorado Springs, CO. Fuel/Friends Big Green House
Some Say Leland (Austin)
6.27: Denver, CO. Leon Gallery w.
Joe Novelli & Rebecca Marie Miller (Myna Birds)
6.26: Salt Lake City, UT. Burt’s Tiki Garage
with Jazz Jaguars, Racoon Dog
6.25:House Show/Logan UT w. Racoon Dog
6.23: Crux/Boise
6.22: Flying M. Coffee Garage/Nampa, ID w. Racoon Dog, Elijah Jensen-Lindsey (With Child)
6.13: Columbia City Theatre w. The Foghorns
6.11: Kenton Club/PDX w. Pitshouse & The Fur Coats
5.27: 939/Hotel Horseshit/Seattle w. Angelo Spencer & Schwervon
5.25: Columbia City Theatre/Seattle. The Satori Group annual Hotel Party w. Punishment
5.18: The Record Room/PDX w. Neighbors, Hearts & Tigers
4.19: Heartland/Seattle w. Pitshouse, Mitts, Ozarks (John Enebrad: Keyboards, Paul Enebrad: Drums, Ben Sutter: Bass)
3.30: Billesville Walla Walla, WA w. Jonah Tolchin
3.28: Horned Hand/Bend OR. w. Silvero & Isaac Paris
3.15: Olympia Wa. Al Fornos, w. Andrwe White & Javi
3.14: Conor Byrne w. Vanessa Small & Relesed from Quiet
3.4: White Eagle/PDX w. The HOOT HOOTS and Jolliff
1.18: Redlight Bellingham, WA.
1.17: Conor Byrne/Seattle w. Locomotives
1.5: Denver, CO @ Leon Gallery w. Gospel on the Radio
1.4: Denver, CO. House Show
1.2: Colorado Springs, CO. Fuel/Friends House Show
12.31: First Night, Danbury CT. at the Mercurial
12.30: House Show/Providence, RI w. Haunt the House
12.29: Goodbye Blue Monday/Brooklyn.
12.28: Sparkle Kingdom. Philidelphia, PA
12.27: Stone River Grill. Sandy Hook, CT
12.23: High Noon Saloon, Madison/WI w. Here Comes the Night
12.22: Swing State/IL
12.20: Bremen Cafe/MKE w. Here Comes the Night & Lady Cannon
12.18: Township/Chicago w. Rock Falls & Here Comes the Night
12.12.12: Tractor Tavern/Seattle w. The Kopecky Family Band, Terrible Buttons.
11.30: Kitzels/Olympia WA w. Jonah Tolchin
11.23: Arbor Lodge/PDX. w. Deerborn & Lucas Tomlinson
10.28: Copper Gate/Seattle. w. Jonah Tolchin
10.27: House Show/Seattle. 939/Hotel Horseshit w. Chastity Belt & UBU Roi
10.25: The Sunset/Seatte w. The Foghorns, White Lines
10.20: Cafe Mella, Wenatchee WA. w. The Horde and the Harem
10.14: Tonic Room/Chicago w. Bridges of Kinigsberg, Here Comes the Night
10.13: Bremen Cafe/MKE w. Here Comes the Night
10.12: Eagles Club/Rochester, MN. w. Wayne the Train Hancock
10.11: Acadia/MPLS w. Here Comes the Night
10.10: kitty kat club/MPLS w. Orangutan & Here Comes the Night
10.7: Swing State/IL w. Roaming Bear
9.27: The Comet/Seattle w. Neighbors, The Heligoats, & Air Jackson
9.3: GrottoOpolis House Show
8.23: Conor Byrne/Seattle w. Cloud Person
7.24: Tractor Tavern/Seattle. Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles and Valley Fair
7.21: The Press Club/PDX w Jolliff
7.20: Le Voyeur, Olympia w. the Silent Numbers
May 26th: Columbia City Theatre, front Room, Benefit for Dance Tax. W. the Local Strangers. Inside Right Wrist.
May 12th: Georgetown Art Walk. Stables w. The Last Great Fire.
May 12th: Madrona Arts Fest
April 14th: Conor Byrne. Seattle. Pocket Panda.
March 24th: Georgetown Music March
February 24rst: The Waypost, Portland. OR w. Poppet, Letters, Goomy, and Ten Speed Music
February 16th: Conor Byrne. Seattle, WA. Ten Speed Music, Andrew Norsworthy, Highway Evangelism
February 8th: The Lit Lounge. New York, NY. Brick Factory,
Sad & French
February 2nd: Wild Tymes, St. Paul, MN. Suicide Awareness Benefit.
February 1rst: The Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN. W. Here Comes the Night
January 28th: The Project Lodge. Madison, WI. W. Here Comes the Night
January 27th: Hattrix, Kenosha, w. Chris Warnecke, Terry N’ the Front, Asparagi
January 25th: Swing State. Lake Villa, IL. W.
January 22nd: Quenchers, Chicago, IL. W. Videotape, Hungry Mountain.
January 19th: Conor Byrne. (Cancelled due to snow storm)

December 16th: State Street Arts. Bellingham, WA w. Heligoats, Eef Barzelay, & I Love You Avalanche
December 15th: Conor Byrne, Seattle WA. Here Comes the Night, The Siren & the Sea (PDX)
December 10th: Olympia, WA. Party
December 2nd: The Waypost. Portland, OR. W. The Polyps.
December 1rst: Le Voyeur. Olympia, WA. W.
November 3rd: Mars Bar, Seattle WA. Here Comes the Night, Colin J. Nelson
October 21rst: Derby’s 5th Beautify for Breast Cancer. W. The Last Great Fire
July 8th: NorthStar Bar Rochester, MN Porcupine, Liquor Beats Winter.
July 7th: Wild Tymes, St. Paul. W. Almas Denuda
June 30th: Quecher’s Chicago. Mike Thompson Bass, Nick Alvarez Drums. Channel 4, Canoes
June 29th: Swing State, Lake Villa, Il. w. Bridges of Konigsberg,
June 25th: River West, Milwaukee. Briar Street w. Here Comes the Night.
June 13th: The Comet. with BrickFactory (Brooklyn) Sad & French (Brooklyn)
May 7th: The Comet. Seattle, WA.: Isaac Pierce, Here Comes the Night, Fallacy Lens
April 15th: Isaac Pierce, Here Comes the Night, Foolproof Four (SF)
February 25th: Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA. Isaac Pierce, The Devil Whale (SLC)
February 23rd: A Roadside Atrraction, Portland, OR. W. Ben Sutter on Bass & Luca Tomlinson on Drums.
January 18th: Citizen Coffee, Seattle WA. W. Matt Taylor, Rebecca Johnston, Liat Lis, Matthew Ploszaj, and Isaac Pierce
January 7th: Oasis, Grayslake, Il. W. Bridges of Konigsberg, Connectedness Locus, Cmn ineed ur hlp., Canyons of Static.
January 2nd: Tonic Tavern Milwaukee, WI. Cancelled


Dec 31rst: Andy’s House, Rochester, MN. With Liquor Beats Winter, Elvis, ten-speed as Isaac Pierce & Nick Alvarez
Dec. 29th: Kitty Cat Club, Minneapolis MN. W. Moving Monuments, Liquor Beats Winter. (Mike Thompson bass.)
Dec. 28th: Swing State, lake Villa. 2 sets (w. Ben Sutter on Bass) Bridges of Konigsberg
Dec. 26th: Quenchers, Chicago. 2 sets (w. Ben Sutter, bass)
November 27th: The Boiler Room. Port Townsend, WA.
November 26th: Mars Bar, Seattle WA. The Bitter Roots
June 11th: Mars Bar, Seattle WA. Isaac Pierce, The Heligoats, Pterodactyls
June 9th: The Copper Hog, Bellingham Wa.
May 28th: Rochester, MN Eagles Club. Exponential Productions Presents: Benefit for the Senior Citizen Retirement Home. Featuring: Orangutan! Ten-Speed (Isaac Pierce and Mike Thompson) Kill Me Kare Bare (Minneapolis Moog Rock) Annie Mack and the Have Nots (Rochester’s finest soul singer) Korene Wagner
March 25th: Whistler, Chicago. Record Low releases “Away from Us, IP alone.
March 4th: Darkroom, Chicago. W. Belmondos & Brasstronaught (from Canada)
January 17th: Swing State, Lake Villa, Il.
January 15th: The Shambles, Chicago w. Jeremiah Nelson & The Achilles Heel (related: “The Blue Heels”, Jeremy Miller


December 8: Empty Bottle, Chicago w Rainbo Video, The Right Now, The Dead Superheroes Orchestra, readings by Bobby Evers, Denise Dooley, twowithwater dot com
November 28th: IP at Club Amsterdam, Rochester, MN. w. Orangutan (see this band!!!)
November 27th: IP at Eagles Club, St. Paul MN w. Nice Purse, Your Friends and Family, Jeffry Ries.
November 20th: The Shambles Chicago, canceled
November 19th: Swing State, Lake Villa, IP, Chris Warnecke (+Andy and Michelle)
October 30th: Darkroom Chicago, Mark Mallman, The New Collisions, Trakan
October 8: IP at The Shambles, Matt Duhaime, Starla & Todi
October 7: Isaac Pierce at Swing State, Starla Ubiquitous, Todi Stronghands.
August 22nd: Swing State Fest Lake Villa, IP and NA performed
August 7th: Quenchers Chicago IL, press played/released rough master of new recording…MT arm broken—-> bike accident the previous night on the way to rehearsal
July 11th-July 19th: Recorded ten-speed; in Nicks Living Room, Pilsen Chicago.
May 30th: IP at Members Only Gallery: The Record Low, Matt of Brighton MA
April 18th: Elephungeon, Boone/Iowa
April 17th: The Rocket Room, Colorado Springs
April 16th: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO, Tiajauna Pill Box
April 15th: Can’t talk about it, Omaha Nebraska
April 14th: Vertical Violet, Wichita, Kansas
April 13th: Public Space One/Iowa City
April 11th: Quencher’s, Young Madlys
April 5th: IP at Ronny’s Chicago
March 28th: Ed’s Bar, Winona MN, Orangutan!
March 27th: Acadia, Minneapolis, Switzerland et. Al.
March 26th Acadia, Minneapolis
March 19th: Casa Aztlan, Luis H. Valadez book release and Chicago hopes fndrzr
March 6th: SOS, Kenosha, Chris Warnecke, Andy Z., and Michelle W.
Feb 28th: The Station grocery in Little Rock, ARK
Feb 27th: Circa 76 in Little Rock, ARK
Feb 26th: TransAoemba Rm 101 Chicago
Jan. 23rd: SubT/Chicago, Il. Change we XPLO, DJ SR-71, Pugs Atomz, Change, Midstates, Panda Riot, Ten Speed and Golden Spores
Jan. 17th: Swing State, Lake Villa, IP solo acoustic, Evoli, Jimmy Liggett
Jan. 10th: SubT/Chicago, IL. Magic Hassle (Ark., related: Midstates), Josh McCormick (Indiana)


Oct. 18th: THe Underscene Pilsen, (www.theunderscene.com)
Oct. 17th: The Orphanage Chicago, The Heligoats, Ulysses S. Grant
Sept. 14th: Ronny’s Chicago, Panda Riot, FPC released.
August 23rd: Swing State - Lake Villa, IL
August 9th: Party in Beecher Il, Lite, Joe Pug
August 7th: Catalyst loft Chicago IL, Two With Water (www.twowithwater.com) & Thax Douglas readings, These Are Powers, Katie Wiegman and _ Falls.
July 4th: The Beat Kitchen, Chicago IL. The Heligoats, Devon Williams
June 28th: SubT Chicago, Record Low Mr. Gnome
June 19th: finished recording “Firewater Pinhole Camera”
June 14th: Swing State, Lake Villa
June 14th: LumbArt/Chicago IL, Moxie Motive, Fingers & Toes, et al.
May 24th: South Union Arts/Chicago IL, Rock Falls, Charlie Don’t Shake, A Light Sleeper.
May 23rd: Swing State, Lake Villa
May 3rd: near Detroit, Moxie Motive (with Katie Wiegman on Drums/Vibes), The Record Low (rhythm section), ten-speed
April 26th: Majesti Theatre/Madison, The Record Low (rhythm section), THe Blue Heels, The Championship,
April 25th: Beachland Tavern/Cleveland,The Record Low (rhythm section),Mr Gnome. happy birthday to Isaac
April 19th: The Lit Lounge/New York City, ten-speed, The Record Low (rhythm section), I am the Heat
April 18th: Annabells Akron, OH. ten-speed, The Record Low (rhythm section), Mustache Catastrophe
April 16th: 31rsts Street Pub/Pitsburg, PA The Record Low, Airplane Graveyard
April 13th: The Beat Kitchen/Chicago, last minute gig for Streetwise as well as Bruised Orange Theater Company’s upcoming production, The Nebraska Project.
Leaf Bird, ten-speed, Robbie Haynes (The Record Low) & Matt Duahaime (Moxie Motive)
April 12th: The Cactus Club/Milwaukee WI as The Record Low (rhythm section), w. The Blue Heels, and The Championship.
April 4th: THE DOUBLE DOOR, The Record Low, (rhythm section) Moxie Motive, Our Friends Electric, ten-speed
April 4th: Good day FOX, Chicago The Record Low (rhythm section)
March 29th: Swing State/Lake Villa, ten-speed, The Record Low (rhythm section) , The Heligoats, & Wanbli.
March 28th: Hattrix/Kenosha Wis, ten-speed, The Record Low (rhythm section) , Chris Wernecke, burgers at “the spot.”
March 24th: The Note, Chicago IL, Astronautilis, and Absolutely NOT.
March 19th: Silvies, Chicago IL, John Bass Quartet, Raise High the Roof Beam (carpenters?)
March 6th: IIT’s BOG/Chicago, Canasta, The Kyle Mann Trio, Bye Sam and Joe! (best monitors ever!)
Feb. 29th: SubT/Chicago: The Record Low (rhythm section) , Blue Heels, and Championship
Feb. 25th: Transcendence screening at Hoosier theatre, Hammond/Indiana. Nick Richards picked a couple of our tunes for his film (www.transcendencemovie.com)we played ten-speed muisc at the after-party., Jammed out with Eric (Midstates) and Terry Cyclolith)
Feb. 24th: Smoke Daddy/Chicago IL.
Jan. 25th: Ronny’s/Chicago IL, Rock Falls, Jane & Her Heart Strings, Star.
Dec. 29th: Jukes/Grand Rapids/Chicago IL, Chance Jones, grrrRopolis, The Sleeves, drank tequilla and don’t remeber how any of the gear was moved or how we got back to Ryans.
Dec. 26th: Schubas/Chicago IL, Record Low (rhythm section), Joe Pug, Pistols at Dawn
December 16th: Otto’s Underground, Dekalb/IL w. Relative. bomb threat that week which pretty much cleared out the campus before finals week!
December 15th: Topcat Tattoo, Redwing/MN w. Relative & Zed on Arrival…these guys dress like zombies in suits and play songs exclusively about zombies!!! someone was actually getting a tatoo while we played! The neighbor who owned the pizza joint next door gave us some beer his brother made…best IPA ive ever had.
December 14th: The Red Raven, Fargo/ND w. Relative & Ghost Hand Punch
December 13th: The Acadia, Minneapolis, MN. D.E.M.O hosted by Stephen McClellan, w. Stacy K.
December 12th: The House of Rock, Eau Claire/WI w. Relative, Laarks, Arms Aloft.
Decmeber 5th: Ronny’s Chicago/IL, W. Nouns, Parks and Gardens, Andra Duhram viola, Thax Douglas.
December 1rst: Quinn & Tuties Grand Rapids/MI, GrrrRopolis, Pet the Warrior,
drove through slush in a car from the futures past..lost all coolant along the way, repaired with steel wire and epoxy.
November 30th: IIT with The Heligoats…jamned with Chris after his impromptu move to the lobby upstairs!!!, Free Bowling and ping pong with persuation!! A wonderfull time!!
Novmeber 23rd: Swing State/Lake Villa, Electric Boogaloo, et al.
November 21rst: Hyatt Regency, Chicago IL Played for kids who marched in Chicago t-day parade, weird!!!
November 15th: Java Creek/Antoch IL
November 9-11: Recorded in Bucktown Basement…neighbors complained…note: send copieds to them on completion.
October 17th: THe Smoke Daddy (It pays $50 buck which is alot if you play there 8 times!!!
October 10th: Fat Jack’s/Whitewater, WI, BUST!! attempt to combine Nick’s work schedule with a gig.
September 29th: Andersonfest Party, anymore fun and charred meat would be illegal!! 2 years prior had the honor of lighting the 20 foot piles of diesal soaked detritus!!! The flames were like 50 ft high!! When the Cops did come they asked who lit it. Met some cool folks…including one whom lives in my building….weird!
September 28th: Silvie’s
September 21rst: The Smoke Daddy
September 9th: Club Tavern/Middleton WI w. Burr Settles, Sharp & Harkins
September 8th: Wedding of Jason Refsland Sara Pierce/Detroit Lakes MN
September 7th: The Red Raven/Fargo ND
September 6th: The Acadia Cafe’/Minneapolis MN with Carp 18, et al. DEMO show, Steve Mclellan hosts. torrential down poor!
September 5th: The Smoke Daddy/Chicago IL
September 4th: THE NOTE, Chicago IL w. Alina Simone and RedDelicious.
September 1rst: Swing State, Lake Villa IL w. Grropolis, Lazy Genius ..
August 28th: The Smoke Daddy, Chicago IL with Julian Birk on melodica
August 26th: Private Party/Chicago IL, Humbolt Park…
August 21rst: The Smoke Daddy/Chicago IL (2.5 sets)
August 17th: Hattrix/Kenosha WIS, with Terry n’ the Front
Augist 15th: The Mutiny (Isaac) with Yarn and Inaudible
August 3rd: Silvie’s/Chicago IL with Racecar Melody and Andra Durham
July 26th: Hottie Biscotti/Chicago IL with The Stroyteller’s Trio
July 21rst: Swing State, Lake Villa IL with Electric CAtfish, Cream Tangerine, et al.
July 20th: Salon Miniscule hosted by Lord of the Yum-Yum with Otto
July 18th: Otto’s/Dekalb IL/with These United States, (Ben) Cartright, and Alina Simone, torrential downpoor.
July 14th: Beach Park party
July 7th: Phyllis’ Musical Inn/Chicago IL with the Heligoats and Farhi, Thax Douglas read for Heligoats
July 4th: Silvies’/Chicago IL with Lite and
July 1st: Cafe’ Aeon/McHenry Il with Storytime for Grizzleby
June 22nd: Hattrix/Kenosha WIS with Terry ‘N Thw Front & The Radioroots.
June 16th: Swing State/LAke Villa IL with figure of fiends (Became Sioum), Cream Tangerine, et al.
June 7th: Phyllis’s Musical Inn with The Stroyteller’s Trio
June 2nd: Silvies/Chicago IL with Last Minute, Strange Days, Inaudible.
May 31rst: The Mutiny/Chicago IL with Gunslinger’s Dream
May 9th: Silvie’s/Chicago IL with Squegee, yup
May 3rd: Phyllis Musical Inn/Chicago IL with The Lord of the Yum-Yum
April 27th: Swing State
April 26th: The Mutiny with Lilly Schaffer and Tundra Ape
April 1rst: recorded ricercar at Music Garage with Joe Mirus

March 24th: Cafe’ Aeon/McHenry IL
March 24th: Swing State/Lake Villa IL
March 21rst: Phyllis’ Musical Inn/Chicago IL
February 24th: Elastic Arts Foundation/Chicago IL, w The Andra Durham Show….
February 2nd: Hatrix/Kenosha WI with Terry ‘n the Front….
January 3rd: Smokedaddy/Chicago IL
December 27th: Phyllis’ Musical Inn/Chicago IL….
December 15th: SOS Club/Kenosha WI Terry ‘n The Front….
October 14th: ….Private Party/Clark St….. - ….Chicago.. ..IL……..
October 7th: The Cabooze/Minneapolis MN, with Glossary and Two Cow Garage….
August 18th: Hatrix/Kenosha WI, with Terry N’ the Front and Chris Warnecke….
July 29th: Cafe Aeon/McHenry IL, with Annie Darling and Storytime for Grizzleby….
July 14th: Hatrix/Kenosha WI with Terry N’ the Front and Chris Warnecke….
May 25th: Mickey Finn’s Microbrewery/Libertyville, IL.

Upcoming Shows